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Red Nail Polish

Salon Policy

We reserve the Right to Refuse Service

  • Anyone with nail condition we suspect may be contagious.

  • Anyone with open or infected wounds on the treatment area.

  • Anyone in ill health that we suspect may be contagious, or we fear could further harmed by our service or others.

  • Rude, mean or disrespectful people

* Your satisfaction is guaranteed *

  • No refund is given after it has been rendered

  • Enhancement and gel polish manicure are guaranteed for 7 days after your appointment; If you lose an enhancement or notice chips or lifting in the first 7 days, please call is to schedule a free repair. Repairs after 7 days or breakage, tears  and

  • corner breaks are 3+ each. Please remember, nails are jewel, not tools be kind to your nails and they will look beautiful for weeks after your service. Traditional polish service are not guaranteed.

  • Reschedule your appointment is the following conditions are present: open cut, sores and contagious diseases. We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service

  • Notice of appointment cancellation should be made at least 12 hours in advance.

  • Gift Cards are not refundable or exchangeable at anytime. Gift card are not treated as cash, and are therefore not redeemable if lost or stolen.

  • We love to do children's nails! However, unattended children in the salon are disruptive and dangerous. We use many products that are harmful if ingested or applied to unprotected skin. If you have children under 10 who are not receiving nail services, please have an adult to watch them while you are getting pamper or leave them home with a sitter.

  • Cell Phones: Please be respectful to the people around you who are trying to relax during their nail services. Set your phone on vibrate, and use a moderate speaking tone if you need to take a call.Hands fee devices are re strongly encourages so that you don't contaminate your nails with dirt and oils from your hair and face during you service.


* Refunds, Returns and Exchanges

  • If your nails become scratched or mis-shaped we will fix them if you notify the salon at which you received the service within 24 hours of the service.

  • We will not be responsible for any breaking, lifting or infected nails.

  • If you damage the original design a charge will apply for repairs.

  • We will not offer any refund or credit note because you simply changes your mind.

  • We will re-do any service at no cost to you if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the work we do. provided that you tell us immediately after we have performed the service that you are unhappy with the quality of the work.

  • As soon as you walk out the salon door that means you have accepted and are happy with the service provided to your nails.

Salon Policy: Service
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