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Classic Pedicure

Relax in our massage chair while your feet are soaked in a whirlpool bath. Excess cuticles are removed, nails are trimmed, shaped and buffed. Included in the Classic is exfoliation of the feet and legs with a extravagant sea salt scrub followed by a massage and finished with your favorite polish.

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Natural Ice Dancer Pedicure

Perfect for dry, cracked heels, this pedicure starts with a sensational Herbal Mineral spa bath that moisturizes the feet, followed by the Liquid Body Lufra and grapefruits body bar which exfoliates the dead skin. Ice Dancer invigorating leg gel stimulates and cool tired, achy legs and steamy towel wrap are added for restoring vitality and energizing the legs. Dry heels are also treated with sole solution foot treatment to softens and exfoliates dead cell buildup and calluses for soft, smooth skin. topped off with our hydrating Baobab Buttercream.

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Natural Fire Walker Pedicure

With every step in the Ice Dancer Pedicure. The Fire Walker Pedicure will leave your feet and legs feeling amazing. Fire Walker  soothe and relax your feet using natural ingredients like Hawaii ti plants extract traditionally used by the Polynesian fire walkers to absorb heat and too cool and soothe tired, achy feet.

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Premium Pearl Spa Pedicure

Lighten and brighten

Reduce Pore size

Smooth and moisturize

The Pearl has long been regarded in the eastern cultures as the essential ingredients to radiant and youthful skin. Ground into powder form, the skin can easily absorb the rich nutrients of the pearl and benefits from its rejuvenating properties. Cosmo Pearl Spas deep fresh floral fragrance along with the unique combination of minerals and complex protein lightens the skin tone and reduces pore size leaving skin hydrated and moisturized.

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Jelly Pedicure Lavender


Anti-fungal and antibacterial

Calming and relaxing

The beautiful fragrance of Lavender has made the most well-known ingredient in skincare because the aromatherapeutic benefits promote a calming state which allows the mind to rest and relax. The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties are excellent in treating tired muscle sand feet. Follow with a a hot stone massage and paraffin wax. Experience all these wonderful benefits with Jelly Pedi Lavender.

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Jelly Pedicure Aloe Vera


Repair and renew


Aloe Vera is renowned across the world for its many skincare benefits. Due to its nutritional and antioxidant properties, it repairs and renews. Aloe Vera high content of beta-carotene, Vitamins C, and E improves the skin firmness and leaves it smooth and hydrated. Included with the jelly pedi is hot stone massage and paraffin wax. Jelly Pedi Aloe Vera will exfoliate the legs and feet while leaving it supple and moisturized.

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Herbal Spa Therapy Pedicure

Includes your choice of custom made herbal products from our menu of botanical herbs for a relaxing sensory experience. This service includes soaking in a foot bath with natural herb, nail, heels and cuticle care, exfoliating, aromatherapy massage, soothing mask, hot towels and hot stone massage. Finish with your favorite lacquer

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Herbal Spa CBD

Herbal Nature’s Customized Sanctuary Pedicure.  Smoothing and revitalizing herbal pedicure service that use natural CBD, a therapeutic, non-intoxicating ingredient used to alleviate a number of ailments such as anxiety, pain, and inflammation. This pedicure includes soaking in foot bath with natural herb, nail, heels and cuticle care, exfoliating, aromatherapy massage, soothing mask, hot towels and follow with hot stone massage. Finish with your favorite polish

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